Volunteer Opportunities


 NB Community Harvest Gardens is proud to be a solely volunteer-driven non-profit with no paid staff. Our two beautiful community gardens, our gardening & preserving workshops, our U-PICK-By-Donation, our year-round events – even this website are all a result of dedicated members who have found their place in our organization as community contributors.

We firmly believe that there is a place in our organization for everyone to be a community contributor. Our goal for 2016 is to help each of our members find their own unique way to shine in the stewardship of NBCHG – regardess of any mobility, time, social, financial or other challenges. The opportunities are limitless – all ideas are welcome – here’s a list of the ones we’ve already identified:


Maintenance Committee: monitor & report garden maintenance issues, schedule & lead general work bees

Garden Mentor: guide and support new gardeners in the planting & maintenance of their plot

Compost: help maintain garden waste/compost pile

Work Bees: participate in scheduled general maintenance events

Community Plots: help maintain the flower bed or community vegetable plots

Expansion Committee: participate in the planning & implementation of expanded gardening space at St. Mary’s

Adopt-A-Market-Garden-Row: maintain one 2 ft. x 25 ft. row in our Market Garden throughout growing season

U-PICK-By-Donation: guide visitors, measure & record produce picked, collect donations on Saturdays

Edible Forest Project: help maintain the Edible Forest beds throughout the growing season

Contact: Carol Muncer – garden@nbchg.org



GROWING COMMITTEE: Help oversee seed selection and planning of Market Garden, Greenhouse, Community Plots and Seed Library

Contact: Carol Muncer – garden@nbchg.org                                                                             

EVENTS COMMITTEE: Help oversee the planning and implementation of our year-round events – February – Winter Warmer Pub social event; March – Bring On Spring Sustainable Gardening Expo; July – Art In The Garden; August – GardenFest Music Festival; November – Fall Harvest Potluck

Contact: Carol Muncer – garden@nbchg.org

EDUCATION COMMITTEE: Help oversee the planning and implementation of our year-round educational programming – 12-15 gardening & preserving workshops and Speaker’s Series;   Market Garden Classroom/Garden Host program

Contact: Danielle Smith – sustain@unb.ca

MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE: Help with the year-round administration of our annual memberships – phone follow-ups with new & renewing members, fee collection, membership database maintenance

Contact: Madeleine Berrevoets – madeleineberrevoets@gmail.com

COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEE: Are you ‘tech-friendly’? Do you like to write? We’ve got lots of ways to engage you through our Website, Facebook, Twitter and MailChimp e-newsletter

Contact: Edee Klee – fredfoodies@gmail.com



Do you like to greet people? Why not staff a Workshop Registration table – smile and collect non-member entrance fees or get folks to sign-up

Do you like to talk about NBCHG to others? Why not staff an Event Information tables – chat with the general public about all the great things NBCHG has to offer (May – Fredericton Botanic Garden Association plant sale, September – NBEX Agriculture Awareness Week, September – Open Farm Day at Greener Village)

Do you like to cook? We’d love it if you brought snacks and made sure participants are well-watered during a workbee.  Or maybe you’d consider hosting a preserving workshop for us?

Are you musical? Why not serenade us during a workbee?  Or perhaps join the line-up for our next GardenFest Music Festival in August?

Are you artistic? We’re always looking for talented folks to make artwork/educational signage for our gardens.

Do you enjoy easy repetitive tasks? We always need folks to pack seeds for our Seed Library. Or maybe you can serve soup or be on kitchen duty at our next Bring On Spring Sustainable Expo?

Are you a good networker? Bring your Rolodex and help us actively engage local organizations, schools, businesses and other interested folk in our programming.

Contact: Madeleine Berrevoets – madeleineberrevoets@gmail.com